Pelican Partners

We are promo partners of Eldorado casino. Come on - let’s cooperate, and check out our top conditions for you!

Mark my words

What’s cool about partnering with us and what’s the trick?


This is an epic possibility to make money by advertising Eldorado casino with our tools and materials.


How much can I earn?


All depends on the traffic amount per project. It’s cool that we give you a 50% from players’ profit in the first half year.


What are traffic sources and which types do there exist?


These are the resources where you place the materials for traffic filling. Types of resources include: your sites, Telegram channels, socia networks, ad/teaser networks, context advertising etc.

P.S.: Achtung! Wi-fi,home internet, mobile operator and phone - are not traffic sources :)


4 commandmentsof beginning work

  • 1

    Sign up on PELICAN PARTNERS, provide contact data and real traffic sources

  • 2

    Reply to your personal manager and discuss the cooperation start

  • 3

    Copy the ref link (in the “Refcodes” section) + choose the promo materials

  • 4

    Place them on your resources and start raking in money